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  1. Downtown East Project
  2. Downtown Trolley Loop
  3. Economic Development & Hollywood north
  4. what Edmonton needs...my list.
  5. Downtown Lights
  6. City Wide Clean up planned
  7. City Wide Wireless Internet
  8. advertise and they will come...
  9. Changing Direction on the High Level Bridge
  10. Proactively re-zoning areas.
  11. Hall D - recommendations, ideas, thoughts
  12. Downtown Community League AGM - come one come all
  13. Time for some real diversification in Alberta
  14. Create incentives for downtown parking lots to be paved
  15. Taxi fare zones...
  16. Tie Whyte Avenue to Jasper Ave via shops on 109th Street
  17. Hang a restuarant under the High Level Bridge
  18. "EDMONTON" sign on top of the High Level Bridge
  19. Tourist Information Pyramid between the overpasses
  20. Decent signs on the freeway so tourists will see Ft EdmPk
  21. central transportation station/ capital region market
  22. Some ideas - brilliant and whacky
  23. Rossdale Power Plant Redevelopment.
  24. Rossdale District Heating/Cooling via Elevated Walkways
  25. Tourist Route markers
  26. "Free" heat for Kinsmen and Muttart
  27. Reduce the perceived distance from Int'l airport to Edmonton
  28. Crosswalk safety
  29. Arenas - cut heating costs
  30. Wikipedia's Edmonton description
  31. Bringing new life to downtown core
  32. Expanding the pedway system
  33. Businesses needed in the downtown core
  34. Jasper and Elk Island, links to our parks
  35. Direct Debit Donations
  36. Property Tax line-item for cost of crime
  37. Conference centre 2: B-grade, but bigger.
  38. Summer Solstice Festival
  39. Turn Victoria Golf course into Restaurants in the Park
  40. WEM - drain the pool and create a tropical restaurant
  41. Bungie Jumping from the High Level
  42. Footbridge between Zoo and Fort Edmonton
  43. Freeway paths to connect to the river valley
  44. Run the Fort Edmonton train to the Convention Centre
  45. Edmonton needs a skatepark.
  46. artificial lakes in our parks
  47. pedestrian improvements in downtown and river valley
  48. Jasper Ave between 106 and 109 Streets.....any ideas?
  49. Road Improvement Charge for New Homes
  50. Open the downtown to the north (of the CN Tower)
  51. "Slower Traffic Keep Right" signs
  52. Downtown needs a bakery.
  53. Lighting for Three Bananas ( stolen from Myles C )
  54. capital region membership card
  55. Community League fees via Property Taxes
  56. Low Density Zoning Reform
  57. promoting edmonton--national campaign ideas
  58. Special Services Zones for Special Needs People
  59. Post Archive Photos downtown
  60. Hotels needed in Old Strathcona and south river valley
  61. Vacant moving van company bldg beside Grand McEwan Campus
  62. "Kananaskis North" Suggestions
  63. Traffic in Old Strathcona
  64. Put 'Fight' Data Recorders everywhere
  65. Real Estate Energuide Ratings
  66. "Home Port" for Prince Rupert / Lake District
  67. McCauley Plaza new Grand Entry via Telus Tower's park
  68. Mandel's State of the City address
  69. Statues/Monuments/entry architecture
  70. Messages on the backs of overhead and other signs
  71. Cherry Blossom Festival, Not
  72. A website with great ideas... but what about execution?
  73. Casino Row in Edmonton
  74. Competing with Calgary
  75. "Look Left - Look Right" decals
  76. Green Ground Cover vs wasteful Concrete medians
  77. Rusty Light Poles
  78. Project images on Low Level Bridge hoarding
  79. Under-the-River-Webcam
  80. Gretsky Drive Gateway (Gretsky Centre-Ice "X" Gate
  81. A Satsun River Canoe Shuttle
  82. Downtown multi-use sport facility
  83. World's Fair
  84. City of Champions slogan. To keep or not to keep.
  85. Develop Whyte @ 103rd
  86. is a downtown superstore such a bad thing?
  87. Solution to Whyte Ave problems
  88. Annual Stone Wall Contest
  89. 5-Star Parkade/Parking Lot Safety-Security Ranking
  90. Head Offices for Edmonton
  91. Thousands of acres (hectares) of flat roof tops
  92. Next Gen Task Force ideas
  93. HighLevel Bridge's Superstructure (art gallery, restuarant?)
  94. Strategy for next Recession/Depression
  95. An interesting post from Babiak's Blog
  96. Name your Favourite Vistas in Edmonton
  97. List of major Bldgs needing upgrades
  98. Connect 2 Edmonton - member Mixer????
  99. High Street/124 St
  100. World's Fair in 2017 - or what...
  101. Next Canada Day...
  102. movies on the square
  103. Taste of Edmonton + wine:>
  104. We Need a Recognizable Architectural Icon
  105. Businesses urged to keep up downtown appearance
  106. Cross-Canada contest winner gets free trip to Edmonton
  107. Restrict Cell Phone use to the right hand lane
  108. hot air balloon festival
  109. WInter Fest or what...?
  110. Let's make chinatown look like Chinatown?
  111. Capital Ex riding new theme
  112. U of A area transit oriented development
  113. We Need a City Beautification Department
  114. Royal Alberta Museum: Pre-Emptive Strike
  115. Beer Fest/OctoberFest
  116. More extensive bike trails
  117. Ugly intersection!
  118. Let's Open an Edmonton Connection office in Calgary
  119. Website about Oiler pride.
  120. how to make Edm an INTERNATIONAL draw?
  121. Using our winter to our benefit
  122. 116 Street & Jasper
  123. Surcharge on Calgary flights
  124. Photo displays
  125. Standardized Parking lot entrances downtown
  126. Numbering walkway light standards
  127. growing downtown
  128. Creative Neighbourhood Design
  129. Little ideas, big results
  130. shopping downtown
  131. competing with other boom towns
  132. Should we scrap the High Level "waterfall"?
  133. City Market on the Square
  134. Transit Oriented Industrial Area
  135. Sex Shops won't move
  136. A way around parking restrictions during special events.
  137. Promote Edmonton's Composter, Water Treatment...
  138. 24-5 Pot Hole Repair Operation
  139. housing and job info at points of entry
  140. Edmonton Educates
  141. City artist to paint Hall D mural
  142. Bringing light and color to the beautiful River Valley.
  143. Focus Edmonton - another wesite
  144. Images Edmonton - a new site
  145. I heart edmonton boutique?
  146. In case of accident signs
  147. City of Edmonton Museum
  148. New Coliseum for the Oilers Downtown?
  149. NFL idea
  150. Hancock proposes east-west corridor
  151. Public access concerns stall rec centre deal
  152. Convert alleys into pedestrian enclaves like Rice Howard Way
  153. my idea - "How to Edmonton"
  154. City of Edmonton sales department
  155. housing and job info at points of entry into edmonton
  156. The Sonic Death Monkey Mega-Media Blitzkrieg
  157. Remember, you asked for "Visionary..."
  158. International criteria and accountability
  159. Mount Edmonton
  160. my crazy idea
  161. Chili cook off - nov 3 - scotia
  162. Edmonton Open house
  163. Reverse psychology
  164. Transportation/City Development/Tourism . . . l
  165. Old Edmonton not Downtown East
  166. One small idea...
  167. Gondolas across the River Valley as part of the LRT System
  168. IND Edmonton idea...
  169. Jaztown
  170. Muni Redevelopment option 1 - a PERMANENT race facility
  171. Big, NOt so big, much smaller....
  172. IPO WEM
  173. capilano mall
  174. Make the High Level Bridge a Highlight!
  175. Terminal Viewpoint enhancements
  176. idea for Edmonton
  177. Indigenous contemporary art gallery
  178. Hawrelak Park outdoor swimming pool
  179. Public Promenade along the River Valley's Edge
  180. My Idea that Conservatives and He-Men Will Hate
  181. Spiritual Centre for Health and Happiness
  182. An Indoor Market
  183. Standarized Signs Along Road to Calgary
  184. banning portable signs on major streets
  185. Architectual School Needed for Edmonton
  186. Eliminating the hairpins at Gateway Blvd/Sask Drive/QE Drive
  187. Central Transport Station/market/conference centre
  188. ideas for Edmonton
  189. "Edmonton: Welcome Home" (ie. nonprofits up front)
  190. Movie Ideas About Edmonton
  191. Multiple Oil Derricks at the entrance to the City
  192. LRT to Somewhere
  193. Promote Edmonton at the Airport
  194. BrightNights adds third locale
  195. Rename/Restructure Wyte Avenue
  196. Laptop Promotion
  197. "Edmonton - DiverCity"
  198. Rezoning . . .
  199. Movies about Ecmonton's pioneer past
  200. Jasper East or whatever you want to call it
  201. Monuments in Traffic Circles
  202. Video Screens, big Screens at Churchill Square
  203. Ice Castle/Hotel
  204. This is my Edmonton campaign
  205. Several ideas for our city full of potential.
  206. E-Town a True Festival city
  207. Edmonton Walk of Fame
  208. from Grant MacEwan to the Alberta Legislature Building
  209. Saskatchewanians welcome here -- even the gophers
  210. Great Idea for A Greater Edmonton contest
  211. Jasper Ave Promenade
  213. River Front Village
  214. Yorvath House Renovation
  215. Air Transit System
  216. Parking Lot Expropriation
  217. Edmontons Theatre
  218. RSS and more prominent communication design
  219. Greater Edmonton Zoo
  220. Have A Party
  221. Edmonton sports hall of fame
  222. Christmas Markets
  223. Public Swimming
  224. T&T superstore downtown Edmonton
  225. Signature bridge
  226. An icon for the Edmonton skyline...
  227. Transportation and livability:
  228. Tellsomebody - Edmonton spread the word
  229. Edmonton to receive $2.2 million to improve transit system
  230. Boorish behavior bylaw?
  231. Observation Binoculars, Quirky Postcards & View-Masters.
  232. Rooftop Greenspaces downtown
  233. River Access
  234. downtown tower
  235. New Arena Concept
  236. If only there was another street...
  237. Frank Gehry designed building in Edmonton!
  238. City sets up second land draw
  239. Year round venue for 104 street Farmer's Market
  240. Nonstop LRT from Downtown to International Airport
  241. Edmonton to host international space exploration convention
  242. Challenge Day
  243. Merge the River Valley with the rest of Edmonton!
  244. Stop light pollution
  245. Shuttle Service on Campus
  246. Terwillegar & Bulyea Road
  247. freeway to downtown
  248. Bring back the street cars!
  249. Work Near Homes
  250. Edmonton has outgrown the timed transfer