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  1. 4/20 - Canada at the UN By the Liberals!!
  2. The Queen's 90th birthday
  3. Justin Trudeau supports Toronto should it bid for World Expo 2025
  4. Kevin Vickers Incident in Ireland
  5. Visas to be removed for Mexico
  6. Enquiry into missing aboriginal women
  7. Electoral Reform - Federal Elections
  8. Liberals Give $75 Million Each to U of A and U of C for Oilsands Research
  9. What would the Conservative party's 'values' screen look like?
  10. Prominent Liberals want to triple Canada`s population
  11. Cuba's Castro passes and #Trudeaueulogies
  12. Trudeau Approves 2 Pipelines
  13. Out of the Dark Ages: Legalization of Marijuana by the Liberals On Track!
  14. What should NAFTA-II include water
  15. What should NAFTA-II include / exclude?
  16. CONS in Glass Houses!! Do As We Say, Not As We Do!
  17. Duplicate Thread
  18. Another Great Job by Prime Minister Trudeau - Houston Oil Executives
  19. Rona Aambose resigns as an MP
  20. Foreign influence in Canada's election
  21. New Federal Conservative Leader - Andrew Scheer
  22. B.C. government to be led by NDP for the first time in 16 years
  23. Trudeau forgets Alberta
  24. Omar Khadr judgment/settlement
  25. Most Canadian's oppose carbon tax
  26. Trudeau Gave $20 MILLION In Taxpayer Money To The Clinton Foundation !
  27. Trudau Liberals allow terrorist to keep citizenship !
  28. Charter Rights of Canadians fighting for ISIL
  29. Should dual citizens be allowed to run for Government office?
  30. Is it ok for the Governor General to mock religion?
  31. Liberals move to strip Canadian citizenship from war criminal
  32. CONS Lose Seat Held for 40 Years as Liberals Win Where It Matters!!
  33. Axe the Beer Tax
  34. The BC and Green Hypocrite Lobby Today
  35. Feds, Ontario Invest Big Dollars in Ontario Auto Plants
  36. Mockery of Justice System: Elizabeth May gets Fined for Criminal Contempt
  37. Boycott America
  38. The Correct Approach to Trump and NAFTA
  39. USMCA Full Text from US Website
  40. The Fall of Another Do As I Say Not As I Do CON - Tony Clement
  41. Canadian Chamber of Commerce: Carbon Taxes and Cap and Trade- What Do They Know?!
  42. Federal NDP - possible future for Alberta?
  43. In Wilson-Raybould's own words.
  44. The politics of race in Canada.