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  1. ETS Contingency Fail
  2. Edmonton Quadrant Fail
  3. Sexual offender moving to Edmonton
  4. Trick, there were no treats at Mill Woods Town Center
  5. Cleanliness of our transit system
  6. Retailers @ W E M during Nov 11 services
  7. contracting problems with Edmonton multi-sport site construction
  8. They suffer from the climate’: Research scientist leaves $10M Edmonton research grant
  9. If we are going to love winter again, we need to...
  10. EPCOR pimping out insurance...........
  11. Black Friday.
  12. 50th Street -- What the **** was it Today?
  13. EPCOR Sticker Shock
  14. How To Drive Like An Edmontonian In 10 Death-Defying Steps
  15. The Treasury
  16. Parking Wars/ Driving Wars
  17. Never Will Use a Moving Company Again
  18. Scam Alert in West Edmonton
  19. Wine & Beyond Windermere
  20. A good year
  21. Who is the most negative or least cooperative councillor
  22. Man arrested after string of robberies
  23. Scathing report raises questions about EPS professionalism
  24. Atco Alert !
  25. Puddles & splash zones on city streets
  26. Air Quality Alert issued for Edmonton
  27. Someone stole empty bottles from my detached garage!
  28. City, please wash your balls
  29. Global Morning News
  30. 10,000 dollar's for a crosswalk
  31. New sidewalks + city snow policy = ice
  32. Board turns down recommendation to repair crumbling McKay Avenue School
  33. Hole-y cow! Enter Coun. Diotte's pothole repair contest
  34. Travel Alberta at Staples Center Saturday
  35. Disgusting and unsanitary bus shelter
  36. Wheres the "Edmonton" in this article?
  37. Christmas lights
  38. Rub-n-Tug to open beside Youth Centre
  39. Waiting Times? Gggrrrrr
  40. Does Edmonton have to be so disgusting in the spring
  41. Strange City Labour Issue
  42. New Downtown Pedestrian Timing
  43. Oilers Take 2 Steps Back
  44. Pass the Mayo
  45. Alberta's Capital City of Calgary...?
  46. Dear winter
  47. The core...
  48. Garbage strewn all over Jasper Ave today
  49. Scam alert
  50. Racial Profiling - Central Social Hall
  51. Is it asking too much to get the grass on our boulevards cut before June 01 st?
  52. why the left lane?
  53. Thanks for the cigarette butt
  54. Possible Scam Alert - Getting asked for Tow Truck Money
  55. Satellite equipment
  56. Spitting on cars - a new low
  57. Signs on the light poles - Open to alternative suggestions.
  58. Weber Mazda
  59. Northlands
  60. Zen Cono's on 105th AVe
  61. national post editorial photo comment - just a joke or completely offside?
  62. Calgary Herald Article: Unlike Edmonton, Calgary knows why it has a great reputation
  63. ETS Canada Day Service
  64. New Polymer Currency
  65. Scum of the earth - another scam
  66. Does anyone even care about c2e???
  67. Suckered by a sucker-punch
  68. Canadian "justice"
  69. Halloween Candy on sale as off August 3rd
  70. Asking for shopping/kids cart without paying
  71. Summerside Beach
  72. UPS Deliveries
  73. Nice roads
  74. News to me - Catholic Based Health Provider
  75. Mers
  76. Sand obsession
  77. Unwanted flyers/junk mail
  78. Beware
  79. Superstore Strike logic
  80. How Do I Get Rid of Cooking Odors From Neighbour's Apartment
  81. Lack of Apartment Rentals
  82. When self expression isn't just
  83. Dead pigeons above Dominion Hotel Building on Whyte
  84. Rubble piles on LRT line- 112th ave & 82nd st
  85. Large commercial/industrial vehicles in residential neighborhoods
  86. A Little Power Is A Dangerous Thing...
  87. No Christmas allowed in Canada Place ?
  88. Base Jumping off Pearl Tower
  89. New Year's Eve TV Coverage?
  90. City of Edmonton Using Enmax
  91. Driving in Bus Lanes
  92. Heaven Help Us All
  93. Condo management companies
  94. Greedy People (and the frivolous lawsuits that follow)
  95. Home Security / Abundant Automation
  96. High Utilities in Dec.
  97. Gay Pride Flag
  98. Just Energy Door to Door Sales Guy
  99. Direct Flights that aren't Direct
  100. Redford Budget Screws Edmonton
  101. Spring melt garbage - That time of the year again
  102. Newsgroups
  103. CHED - sexual assault poll
  104. Garbage Around the Yellowhead
  105. Edmonton International Jazz Fest dropping ball?
  106. Is Edmonton the best place in Canada for Men?
  107. 127st North of Yellowhead
  108. Route 747 customer experience - unacceptable
  109. Pesticide vs Herbicide
  110. Century Park urban village: 100 years in the making?
  111. Groupon
  112. Bus Lane Infraction
  113. Street Corner Preacher(s)
  114. Shaw cable
  115. 311
  116. Horrible neighbours - we've all had 'em.
  117. Bylaw officers targeting parks and not responding to residential complaints
  118. Deadmonton
  119. Piano vandalized
  120. Baffling ETS Detour
  121. Alberta Aviation Museum Boeing 737 break in:
  122. DiCaprio donates $100,000
  123. Check your Bell bill
  124. City Hall needs to change Bylaw on Signs
  125. Fire Pits
  126. I know something you don't.....
  127. Refused cabs
  128. Horrible suburban neighbourhood drivers
  129. Sept 1 - must be winter, take out those flowers
  130. I am not Kreskin
  131. I've been frauded!
  132. Crosswalks!!
  133. Passing on the shoulder.... REALLY.... ?
  134. Residential Parking Bylaw?
  135. Harrassment calls from Politicians
  136. Mall Cop Racisim
  137. Cloverbar waste management.
  138. Arch of Samarasekera for U of A
  139. Bad traffic light timings
  140. Thieves - I want a knee cap
  141. Here come the Super Mailboxes!
  142. Enough with the standing ovations already!
  143. River Valley Washroom Hours Suck
  144. How the %$#@ is this guy employable anywhere?
  145. Cost of Daycare, YIKES!
  146. Snow Removal Scammer - November 2014
  147. Edmonton Journal or is it????
  148. Litterbug Renters
  149. Domestic Violence Tragedy
  150. The Interview to be playing in 28 Canadian theatres... not one of them is in Edmonton
  151. Worst daycare i have ever experienced!!!!!!!
  152. EPS or is that EP Force?
  153. Grandin LRT Ads
  154. Who's fault would it be in this specific traffic scenerio?
  155. Graders in residential areas on a Sunday 6:30 am
  156. How our city is still hick town when it comes to transit
  157. EIA on Google Maps
  158. looping memes...
  159. Drop the Pretense
  160. Dear SEC, businesss along 170st, etc.
  161. Artery closing March 31
  162. Sick of slamming my brakes for ***holes. You're gonna get hit now.
  163. Closing popular and threads of National importance
  164. Blading
  165. Sand vs Salt
  166. Called EPS about a drunk driver, nothing was done.
  167. Welfare
  168. Empire Park condos
  169. Why does this require hours of police investigation?
  170. Paid fundraisers
  171. Potholes – Online Reporting doesn't work...
  172. Telus door to door salesman pushy and a real JACK%$#!
  173. Twitter has destroyed journalism and media in general
  174. Globe and Mail - What a load of crap
  175. Heritage Trail - unacceptable
  176. semi-truck stuck under streetcar overpass, HLB
  177. Are we slowly reverting back to 1995?
  178. Firefighters Memorial vandalized
  179. J'Lyn Nye's Downtown Staycation
  180. Two Counties Declare State of Agricultural Disaster
  181. Legal marijuana users left scrambling after local supplier raided by police
  182. The Hunter becomes The Hunted
  183. Slumlords, Sustainable Development, and the neighbourhoods that pay the consequences
  184. Time to get rid of those ashtrays
  185. LRT and ETS patrons/behaviors
  186. Hwy 2
  187. Hipster cyclists
  188. Rental Situation
  189. A New low in Etown
  190. @#&$! Christmas Lights!
  191. Enough of these 'I'm Offended, It's not Politically Correct' people already
  192. Mental Health is not a Remand Centre Issue
  193. City blew up my toilet
  194. Edmonton still doesn't get it: Nobody comes for the parking
  195. Canadian companies can't compete.
  196. Mice in new home
  197. Edmonton needs a spitting bylaw
  198. Ban Monster Trucks and other 1st world luxuries
  199. Our Poor Civic Attitude
  200. Modern day aggression
  201. 311-City Services
  202. Tribute to soldiers vandalized
  203. Trails Impacted by Construction decisions
  204. Crystal Meth
  205. West Ed Mall reverses Remembrance Day decision
  206. Nearly 2 years to renovate a small retaining wall on the Capilano Freeway?
  207. City of Edmonton Missing 2017 Budget Adjustments re Public Art and Nuit Blanche
  208. Giant screens and signs on sides of roads - City allowing distracted driving?
  209. Toilet Tokens
  210. Mudflap enforcement, or lack thereof
  211. Calling people trolls
  212. Head Hurt
  213. Whyte Ave homeless are getting worse
  214. 102.3 Billboards
  215. Pro active vs reactive
  216. Not comprehending one of the basic elements, fire.
  217. CBC NewsNetwork Weather
  218. The Mayor's lies about Photo Radar by the numbers
  219. More epark confusion.
  220. My encounter with a racist on Edmonton Transit
  221. Dangerous, speeding cyclists on High Level Bridge sidewalks
  222. Katz Group vs bicycles locked to posts
  223. The Globe & Fail strikes again
  224. Latest Lonely Planet guide throws shade on Edmonton
  225. COE to dither on Green bike racks.
  226. Edmonton parking fines to go up since photo radar income is down.
  227. The Needle - Allegations and Closure
  228. Another short notice evacuation for a slowly developing structural problem
  229. Dangerous, speeding bicyclists on river valley trails
  230. GOC weather site has Condition: "Not Observed" for Edmonton
  231. Edmonton has more former inmates per capita than any other big city in Canada, stats reveal
  232. Outdoor Cats: Single Greatest Source Of Human-Caused Mortality For Birds And Mammals, Says New Study
  233. A sickening tweet
  234. Asking for higher standards - surface parking
  235. City's rosy job posting boasts of an Edmonton without racism, poverty
  236. Whyte Avenue homeless discussion.
  237. Freakin Magpies
  238. 104 St. Pedestrian Mall
  239. Oliver is indarkness all weekend. What is going on?
  240. Ever tried to buy brown shoelaces.
  241. Ripped off on new build townhome - inspectors? Does Edmonton have any?
  242. motorcycle noise - it's getting worse
  243. Non-sensical rules of the road
  244. Edmonton to become sanctuary city for illegal immigrants
  245. Scramble crosswalk two locations in Edmonton - good idea?
  246. City of Edmonton spent more than $600M on consultants over 5 years
  247. Edmonton clarifies bylaw on how quick you must clear your sidewalks
  248. Millwoods rec center outdoor skating multiuse trails.
  249. Measles Alert in Leduc
  250. Rossdale City Redevelopment Plans Slow Traffic More Than Stated