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  1. Telus
  2. And you wonder why...
  3. Car warranty scam phone calls making the rounds again
  4. Fox Drive/Belgravia Traffic past NCC Bldg!
  5. Why are there no lines on most of the roads in this town?
  6. CTV & Access
  7. Why the childish replies?
  8. Commerce Place Doors
  9. Swastika Armbands? Seriously?
  10. Panhandler makes $130,000.00 a year!
  11. WEM restaurant fined $12,000
  12. No Kindle or other in Canada, Why ??
  13. Suport our troops....NOT!
  14. ETS - I Hate You
  15. Residents face cold night as gas cut off at Edmonton apartment building: For shame
  16. A message to Stephen Mandel
  17. Animal Exploitation - Lucy the Elephant
  18. No proof needed... we live in a city of BOORS & SLOBS
  19. Slum fix: women and children first
  20. More ETS Incompetence.
  21. The Venue @ River Cree SUCKS
  22. Winter driving frustrations
  23. Gov't helping?
  24. Sunday morning broken window
  25. Direct energy
  26. Auto Show leftovers
  27. Are C2E users not reading the "Ask Reg" questions before posting their own?
  28. CTV News
  29. Breakfast TV this morning .
  30. Did you listen to the BEAR this morning (Thursday)?
  31. CTV: Don't call it a "taste of Alberta" if it is just calgary
  32. Ok, how is this not murder?
  33. Allard Block vandalism
  34. Street Cleaning
  35. Dog poop
  36. Traffic role models
  37. 2nd bike stolen in less than a year
  38. RBC Downtown, New Bum Sleepover spot
  39. LRT Parking Fees
  40. Is the Weather Network on drugs?
  41. Get rid of the downtown sandboxes
  42. Tamarack Subdivision - Avoid!
  43. Asphalt sidewalk repair
  44. Apologies to Lancelot
  45. City Revenue Idea
  46. WEM Rock n Ride 'Everyone is on ecstasy'
  47. Leonard Cohen concert
  48. The Weather Thread
  49. ATCO Gas charges more north. More southern Alberta bias?
  50. Consumption Dropping, Yet Bills Increasing
  51. 24% tax increase for apartments
  52. McKeen rant on Jasper Avenue
  53. Flat tax too good to be used
  54. this is just a test...
  55. C2E's Purpose
  56. Venting about my builder...
  57. Page the Cleaners on 109th Street
  58. Bus Stop Schedules need updates
  59. Break In at Aviation Museum
  60. Save local tv
  61. Squatters den x 2 - response time analysis
  62. Well this was a first...mugging on Whyte
  63. Seeking good and bad stories about your health care treatment in Edmonton
  64. Is Strathcona County High?
  65. Cats on the prowl
  66. Parking on lawns
  67. LRT window shot?
  68. Are these people stupid, or are they just inconsiderate?
  69. Tree proves natural selection theory
  70. Smitty's- Kingsway
  71. First Road Rage on bike
  72. Legislature grounds
  73. 311 Rant!
  74. Parking meters
  75. edmonton is the worst city I've ever lived.
  76. Any deals on 2009 SRT4 Calibers you know of?
  77. Milk container deposits
  78. Time to Wake up Edmonton...
  79. Thank you Iris Evans and Stelmach :) good job!
  80. try this again....
  81. Mount Fuji Sushi sucks
  82. Royal Glenora Club gets Government funding.
  83. Annoying Metro Lady
  84. Paint is not the Solution
  85. Sativa
  86. Mark Spector - if you hate here, leave
  87. City of Edmonton - Licensing, Planning and Development Office
  88. The weeds are doing wonderful
  89. Mountain Equipment Coop Rant.
  90. Vinyl Nightclub Has No Water??
  91. CBC News at 6 - no longer watching
  92. Drivers Tossing Garbage Into Streets
  93. Dealing with Fax Machine Advertising
  94. The ants of Yianni's Taverna on Whyte
  95. Holt Renfrew - 102ave
  96. Library could use a cleaning
  97. Ban bikes on major streets: Kerry Diotte
  98. ETS/SCT transfers - Rant
  99. Wind Storm Cleanup
  100. Are the Police in FIDO mode?
  101. Red Friday
  102. Another dumb 630 Ched Poll: Expo
  103. Lesley Primeau - Airport Issues
  104. Icebox / Parkland Arena Closes, No More Mens Hockey
  105. Turning left becomes dangerous on 111th St
  106. Police cruisers parked on lawn
  107. Dank and Dim Edm Ctr Overpass
  108. Teens swarm Edmonton cop making arrest
  109. Ikea's guerrilla ads annoy Vancouver retailer
  110. One of the most stupid intersections
  111. Panhandlers rule Edmonton?
  112. Gas price hike
  113. Next Stop...D.L. MacDonald
  114. Duo sought for bird slaughter
  115. Disgusting sight(s) at Heritage Days
  116. Unacceptable: Insane Speeding on Edmonton roads...
  117. Seriously, is stopping just an option at a cross walk?
  118. Selective event media attention.
  119. too many liquor stores
  120. Um... can anyone spot the error?
  121. Edmonton cyclist critically injured
  122. Where are our priorities?
  123. Maybe I should have expected it
  124. 53rd Avenue Overpass headache
  125. City Hall Plays...Frosty?
  126. All grafitti taggers must DIE
  127. Calgary and media
  128. Manitoba May take an international tall building design award... Pic included
  129. Home Renovation Tax Credit..
  130. Sirens and more sirens
  131. More CARnage
  132. The Treasury - Jasper & 100 St.
  133. Rubber-neckers and Looklie-loos
  134. break-ins
  135. Bicycles and Pedestrians
  136. Panhandlers at my DOOR NOW???
  137. Fox Drive WB
  138. Pervert(s?) in the River Valley
  139. Another new bottle tax??
  140. Wedding reception
  141. Home to 'unsavoury' patrons earns one-month reprieve
  142. So much for stimulating the Economy
  143. Patios closing already?
  144. Another consent to sign? - why its not the most "wonderful time of the year"
  145. Sand blasting on 101st
  146. Thank goodness for alcohol
  147. River Valley Development
  148. Bell doesn't care about Edmonton?
  149. Union Hall giving away $20 to students who show up before 10pm on Thursdays
  150. Cab Drivers, Coast Edmonton Plaza, and 105th Street
  151. Thousands of long-term-care beds to close
  152. Walterdale Bridge construction - or is it?
  153. Is it the water, or....?
  154. Canada, the laggard
  155. Speeders and Bad Drivers
  156. Royalty visiting 12 Canadian cities, Alberta cities not on itinerary
  157. Another silly driving habit
  158. How courteous are you in a parking lot?
  159. Darn Journal!
  160. Parking wars
  161. Priorities
  162. Downtown market over but still no parking
  163. Pretty lights on 104st
  164. Possible Scam Artist Thread
  165. Thin end of the wedge?
  166. Woman hurt after pickup hits cars and house
  167. Median bums
  168. LED advertising on cabs
  169. kennedale ravine?
  170. TELUS - no longer a proud Western Canadian Company
  171. Pedestrians attacked in downtown Edmonton
  172. Proposed Edmonton budget could see reduction in police personnel: Boyd
  173. Hate crimes on rise in Alberta
  174. Alberta - worst rating in the country
  175. 1,000 Alberta health jobs on the block
  176. Thousands more Albertans need food bank
  177. booooooooo hakim optical!!!
  178. The Rant of All Rants
  179. Complaints about bad neighborhoods
  180. City of Edmonton is Not Taking Precautions to Protect your Personal Information
  181. Impark
  182. Awful Thai in Sherwood Park
  183. Our "Safe" Downtown - Drug Deal in Progress!
  184. Sidewalks downtown
  185. Snow in the streets and where is bylaw?
  186. Thanks for inducing the fit !!
  187. Our cops crack fewer cases
  188. Edmonton Journal comments
  189. Gang Colors
  190. Parking rage during Holidays
  191. Running vehicles in garages!!
  192. Apparently City Centre Mall does not exist
  193. Moving towards a cash free society - a bad idea!
  194. Edmontonís impaired drivers more intoxicated than before
  195. STARBUCKS - North Town Plaza
  196. Motorized Scooters on Sidewalks!
  197. Strathearn Heights: Not always a good place to live.
  198. Sobey's on 104. The great door debate part II.
  199. Air Quality Advisory Issued For Edmonton
  200. Please turn on the street lights!
  201. CBD snow removal - Why not?
  202. Oil Sands and Bed Bath and Beyond Belief
  203. Media treatment of Katz
  204. City Centre and their escalators
  205. Not a rant so much as a question about photo....
  206. Would you vote for
  207. Scent of Central Station lately...
  208. Wiebo Ludwig and the slavish Edmonton media
  209. Heart of Stone - cutting a forestry program for youth
  210. Why are hospital emergency waiting rooms so small?
  211. Help me out...what goes through peoples heads
  212. thread titles without dates
  213. Cookie cutter areas and Green spaces
  214. Garbage In Ditches Along Yellowhead
  215. Bus Packs
  216. Graffiti or Graffilthy ?? - Tagging
  217. Pedestrians on the road
  218. Army & Navy Department Store - Poor Employer
  219. Morale at rock bottom
  220. Global Liveability Report 2010
  221. Drivers & Cyclists - Can't We All Just Get Along?
  222. Cleanliness of LRT ROW
  223. Stanley A. Milner Library - stabbing
  224. What is wrong with people these days...
  225. TELUS cable theft, Sherwood Park
  226. Tax payers money paying for toilet paper Milner Library
  227. Construction Zone Speed Limits????
  228. Kurtis Brown sues EPS
  229. Police waited 4 days to investigate brutal attack against lesbian woman
  230. Merry Christmas!
  231. Downtown Pedestrian Signage
  232. Mayor wants to move Milner library entrance
  233. north St. Albert - worst. power. centre. EVER!
  234. Fort Road Bottle Depot
  235. Worst Commercial Entrance
  236. Water water everywhere, except the Legislature and City Hall
  237. Pothole
  238. Where are the grass cutters????????
  239. How Does a Person Get Pinned by a Car in a Parking Lot?
  240. Illegal condo dumping
  241. Waste of Money
  242. Levy/Recycle Fee
  243. Early morning Construction/Disruption/Noise
  244. Securitas Canada A Questionable Company
  245. $3.00/hour to park downtown- yer kidding me right?
  246. It's snowing outside...
  247. Security or Pedophiles
  248. City tickets skateboarders/cyclists on sidewalks
  249. Rant section rant
  250. why the lack of private schools in Edmonton?