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  1. 630 CHED
  2. TV commercials that make me reach for the mute button
  3. CISN Edmonton's top radio station
  4. Global News
  5. Responding to letters in the Journal/ Sun
  6. Commercials that make you giggle...
  7. Global's Lynda Steele moves to CTV-Vancouver
  8. CTV Morning Live starts tomorrow!
  9. R.i.p. Inews 880
  10. New hire at CTV
  11. Cubb Carson Rants
  12. Cracked Colmnist blogs about trip to Edmonton
  13. CBC Marketplace - stuff you touch in hotels
  14. Webshots
  15. Oprah Contest
  16. TV shows you most value(d)
  17. Who's your favourite TV sports segment crew?
  18. House of Cards
  19. Unbalanced reporting by CTV Edmonton
  20. Big Brother Canada?
  21. Global Edmonton color rebranding
  22. Whose Line is it Anyways returns July 16th
  23. 24 Hours paper to disappear
  24. 630 CHED cans Primeau
  25. Latest station on Calgary's radio dial replaces country twang with 24-hour jokes
  26. Jay and Dan video podcasts
  27. Shaw Cable opens in Southgate Mall
  28. CTRL+ALT+DEL a mistake
  29. Rogers & TELUS launch new cell company
  30. Newspapers tear down paywalls
  31. Carrie Doll - retirement announcement
  32. Doctor Who
  33. History in 2 minutes
  34. Farewell Claire Martin (CBC)
  35. Media Difficulties with Geography
  36. Nenshi buys out the Sun
  37. Will CBC kill the 6 o’clock news?
  38. 12th doctor on space at 6 pm
  39. Faith No More to release first album in 18 years!
  40. CTV Edmonton 60th anniversary
  41. Anybody else play Day-Z Standalone on the pc?
  42. Why keep using YEG?
  43. BT cancelled, to be replaced by Dinner Television
  44. Edmonton Police officers shot
  45. Aboriginal radio goes silent
  46. Amazing Race Canada will hit the streets of Edmonton
  47. CityTV moving?
  48. new Edmonton Journal format
  49. Anyone into music production?
  50. Battlefield 1
  51. Rust (video game)
  52. Star Trek
  53. Tragically Hip final concert to be on CBC Aug 20
  54. 100.3 The Bear
  55. Airport Below Zero
  56. Why we may be living in the future of The Running Man
  57. Edmonton mentioned in the darnedest places
  58. Politicians and social media
  59. Edmonton Quotient - new media outlet
  60. 91.7 The Bounce is now KiSS 91.7
  61. Oilers owner sued by Brazilian model
  62. Shaw TV stations to close in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton as funds diverted to Global
  63. Bell says a federal agency like the CRTC should create a blacklist of sites
  64. The blowback against social media begins...
  65. Interesting article about cultural appropriation - and how others see our silliness.
  66. CRUZ 95.7 FM - a veteran returns?