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  1. Ipad Anyone?
  2. iPad Competitor Products
  3. The All Inclusive Smart Phone War
  4. Samsung v Apple - and other smartphone patent issues
  5. What's up with Shaw's phone marketing ?
  6. Windows 8 - to upgrade or not too upgrade
  7. Printers and ink costs
  8. Where's the best place to buy a cell phone?
  9. Java being exploited - your computer is at risk if you have Java on it.
  10. Grammarly lite for Explorer, chrome etc.
  11. post your desk / nerd den
  12. Wireless printer problem...Solutions ?
  13. Looking for a smaller tablet
  14. Flexible Batteries+OLED screen = Earth: Final Conflict communicator?
  15. Do you custom build your computer
  16. Microsoft Office
  17. Looking for advice
  18. Tech Shopping Price Comparison and Deal Hunting Guide
  19. What is your internet speed
  20. What game are you playing
  21. SimCity 2013 discussion (the application)
  22. Central plant / cloud computing model
  23. How to post vids here?
  24. Any good free word processing apps out there?
  25. Fax Machines
  26. BlackBerry 10 launch Jan 30 - Hooray or Who Cares?
  27. Cell Phone Towers
  28. Wireless Headphones
  29. IPS monitor's
  30. Easy way to get CND and USA netflix with one account.
  31. C2E SIMCITY 5 REGION | official thread
  32. Shaw Email Outage on 3/07/2013
  33. How do you manage your e-mail, etc?
  34. What smart phone, tablet, PC "apps" do you use?
  35. Telemarketers spoofing your personal number for call display.
  36. Flash movies not playing in IE10 in WIN7
  37. Which browser do you prefer for personal use?
  38. Do you still have an active landline?
  39. What do you use for an alarm clock?
  40. Scanning old family photos, negatives, film?
  41. 40 th anniversary of first cell call. Apr 3,1973
  42. PC sales plunge as Windows 8 flops
  43. Catalyst Capital Group wants to merge WIND Mobile and Mobilicity
  44. Dark reviews: Fuji finepix hs30 exr
  45. Faxing directly from computer.......
  46. Apple experts - iMac vs Mac Pro?
  47. Cutting the cord (cable tv)
  48. Looking for Network HD Media Player/Backup Drive
  49. Car Head Unit - Recommendations?
  50. New CRTC wireless rules
  51. Emerging train technologies
  52. verizon comming to canada?
  53. Inventor of computer mouse dies
  54. Steam summer sale
  55. Editing video's
  56. Small Alberta town gets massive 1,000 Mbps broadband boost
  57. PCL going paperless during construction at its headquarters
  58. New mobile app helps citizens report disorder
  59. Need help in setting up Windows 7 Pro etc..
  60. Have we gone too far?
  61. Printer Shopping
  62. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 or Adobe Photoshop Elements 11
  63. Alien Ware Laptop
  64. What do you charge/pay for IT services work?
  65. Kerbal Space Program
  66. USB vs. speed
  67. Chromecast
  68. Battlefield 4
  69. BBM for Android, iPhone, iPad...
  70. 'An Attacker's Dream’ LinkedIn's new app
  71. Tablet for pure auto GPS
  72. Alberta is getting another area code: 825
  73. Tablet Question
  74. PS4 - Who has one, and what are you playing?
  75. Best Gaming full ear headset
  76. Addictive games
  77. Xonar DG 5.1
  78. It's confusing..............
  79. Anyone using Microsoft Hyper V?
  80. MacBook Pro Fusion Drive?
  81. Mean and Nasty Minds
  82. New Router question for Shaw internet users
  83. Google buying Nest, the original connected home startup, for $3.2 billion in cash
  84. In-Ear Monitor Recommendations
  85. Does solar power need batteries in Edmonton?
  86. Healthcare laptop + data theft
  87. Google Doogle contest - vote for a local kid
  88. The Future of Smartphones
  89. Titanfall
  90. Wireless spectrum auction
  91. Is SHAW having a major meltdown on services today in DT Edmonton?
  92. Hate crimes against google glass?
  93. Old Computer Technology
  94. Windows upgrade advice
  95. CRA website temporarily shut down due to virus
  96. Building an HTPC... anyone got an old mb & processor to sell?
  97. IndiPlay: Broforce
  98. Diggers find hundreds of decades-old Atari 'E.T.' and other game cartridges...
  99. Just another reason why IE sucks
  100. Big Brother, Invisible friends and Web Surveillance
  101. Personal drones
  102. Is Apple TV the Future of Consol Gaming?
  103. Help
  104. Unlocking cell phones
  105. Anyone else enjoy listening to vinyl?
  106. new 311 smartphone app
  107. This looks like a scam
  108. New Canadian anti-spam measures
  109. Haswell-E is here!
  110. Transferring music to Ipod shuffle...
  111. Formula E
  112. Looking for non-HC Micro SD Card
  113. Bug in Bash shell creates big security hole on anything with *nix in it
  114. Looking for Case for Huawei Y530 Phone
  115. Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough
  116. Ampersand
  117. No more 30- day cancellation policies
  118. Elite versus Star Citizen
  119. How much RAM needed?
  120. Who is right, Toyota or Tesla? Fuel Cells v Batteries
  121. Telus has new 100/20 Mbit on copper line
  122. iTunes Fraud watch out
  123. Faulty appliances: What you need to know before you buy
  124. Anyone still use a pager ?
  125. Bell to appeal over Net neutrality in Federal Court
  126. Inexpensive Cables at Jasper Gates
  127. Telus enforcing bandwidth caps on March 30/15
  128. RIP Internet Explorer
  129. Cell Phone and Small Business
  130. Will you buy an Apple Watch?
  131. Home theatre installer/consultant?
  132. Fallout 4!
  133. Rural ISP for west of Edmonton
  134. Another rocket failure. People in space? Worth it?
  135. Windows 10 - privacy issue?
  136. Bell Mobility
  137. Canadian space elevator gets patent
  138. Wind Mobile
  139. Canadian wins Nobel Prize
  140. The All Inclusive Wearable War
  141. koodo - Yay or Nay?
  142. Find my iPhone success story
  143. 4th area code coming to Alberta in spring
  144. First OS X ransomware detected in the wild, will maliciously encrypt hard drives
  145. Commercial Space Exploration
  146. Do you have a dashcam?
  147. Report reveals Canadian home internet speeds suffer in the West
  148. The Rising Power of Non-State Entities: Case for Tech Companies
  149. Cheaper internet may be coming after cabinet rejects Bell appeal
  150. Anyone going to be upgrading to a nvidia 1080?
  151. Land Line?
  152. Charge your phone at a solar bench
  153. Ransom payout by UofC
  154. Future batteries - almost here
  155. Personal Weather Stations
  156. Edmonton Police Admit to Owning Stingray Surveillance Device
  157. Massive Shaw Disruption
  158. How is the Internet living up to its originally conceived potential?
  159. TELUS supports tax, loses customers
  160. Are electric cars green?
  161. CIA/NSA/CSIS/CSEC etc spying on you through the crap in your home
  162. Home offices / home based businesses - computer, internet, network, phone, apps, etc.
  163. Static IP address for home pc
  164. Anyone a drone nut?
  165. Home Wi-Fi / WLAN / wireless
  166. Root User Access MacOS 10.3.x High Sierra
  167. C2E SCAM ALERT thread
  168. Looking for short extension cords (1 foot/12 cm or less)
  169. reputable edmonton area place for data recovery on a dead hard drive?
  170. Mobile Phone Repair Recommendations
  171. How hackers can use smart home devices to spy on you (CBC Marketplace)